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Where to place the air conditioner for optimal cooling


According to the data from the Association of Manufacturers of Air Conditioning Equipment in 2018, air conditioning equipment installed in the USA has an accumulated value of $550 million, which is 11% higher than in 2017. What we do not have so clear is that there are different types of appliances to cool rooms. Types of air conditioners include ducted air conditioners, Split air conditioners, and the Multi split. Knowing the different air conditioning systems will allow us to choose the one that best suits our home and our needs. Although in the market we can find a wider variety of this equipment, here we are going to focus on the three we have mentioned. The reason is that they are the most popular. But do you know where to place them?

Where to place the air conditioner?

If you are not clear on how to place the air conditioner, you must first know that these devices consist of two parts. Therefore, the placement of the air conditioning has its difficulty that is a divide. In the first place, we find the external unit, that is, the one located outside the house. The outdoor unit is the part of the apparatus for cooling rooms is responsible for extracting heat from the air inside to cool it. When placing the air conditioning on the facade, we must consult the regulations of our municipality. In many of them, the installation of these devices to cool rooms is prohibited on the facade if it protrudes from the floor plan.

This is another reason why how to place the air conditioner is a job that corresponds to approved personnel. Another relevant aspect about the placement of the air conditioner is that it should be located in well-ventilated areas. Nor should they be close to sources of heat or excessively exposed to the sun. If so, to cool, the temperature would have to make an extra effort.

Second, the placement of the mini-split air conditioners includes indoor units. It is normal to place one of them in the living room and the other in the master bedroom. However, it is convenient to think about how many of these devices to cool rooms we want to place before proceeding with the installation. This will improve energy efficiency by reducing heat or cold losses.

Why is placement important?

In addition to knowing the air conditioner that we are going to choose; we must also be careful with the placement of the air conditioner. It is recommended to always seek the help of a professional, as they can advise us better on how to place the air conditioner and where should we do it. The handling of ac units for cooling rooms must always be carried out by qualified people.

How to position the air conditioner and its location are important since improper installation can cause serious problems. These problems include but aren’t limited to drainage failures, refrigerant gas leaks, freezing of high-pressure pipes, etc.

In addition to this, the placement of the air conditioner influences its performance. If we do not know how to place the air conditioner correctly, these devices fail to fulfill their function (do not work on optimum levels).

Thus, the purpose of reducing the general ambient temperature of the house will not be achieved. Therefore, once we have chosen the system we want, we will have to contact a professional for the installation of the air conditioning system to ensure their performance.

Placing the air conditioner according to its types

If you want to know how to place the air conditioner, we must bear in mind that it will depend on the type of air conditioner you have chosen. All air conditioning systems have a particular functionality, so their placement varies a lot with that.

In the placement of the Split or Multi split AC’s, we must assess certain aspects; for example, we should not place them such that the air that comes out of these units to cool rooms blows on people directly. Keeping this in mind, if you are installing the air conditioner in the bedroom, the best way to place the air conditioner is right above the bed. In the same way, for the rest of the rooms, such as the living room, it should be clear where we will install the air conditioner. The right place will be close to where we stand the longest.

If it is a multi split, the way in which to place the air conditioner does not change. The keys described above will also apply to each room. The advantage of having multi splits is that we can regulate each space at a different temperature. It is recommended that this be between 24ºC and 26 ° C.

With the duct based air conditioning system, there are differences in regards to its placement. This is centralized and placed on a suspended ceiling. To distribute the cold air, hidden ducts are used through which the air reaches grilles and is then distributed throughout the room. The installation is more complex and also allows to regulate the cold air by zones.

Consumption according to the placement of the air conditioner

Consumption depends mainly on two factors: by the energy efficiency of air conditioners and by their power. For a house, you do not need a heavily powerful AC (it is recommended that you use inverter technology).

As a general rule, with a correct air conditioning placement, the average power could be 2000W or 2KW. For the calculation of hours, if we take into account the workday, the time we stay at home during the week is usually about 12 hours a day.

So, on average, we can say that we would turn on these devices to cool about 6 hours a day. A month equals 18 hours of your AC running. This multiplied by 2KW at a cost of $0.22, would give less than $60 per month. If we add the weekend with about 8 hours a day, considering that we do not go outside, we would add 48 hours, which is another $20 per month.

If we do not know the best place to place an air conditioner, we will not benefit from reduced energy consumption and energy bills. If the air conditioners have to make a greater effort to work, consumption rises significantly. All of these reasons and more become an important factor when considering the placement of an air conditioner.

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