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What types of air conditioning are there - Their Advantages and Disadvantages


Before buying or installing a new air conditioning system, it is advisable to know the different types that exist. Currently, the most used in our homes are: Split air conditioning, Multi split air conditioning, and air conditioning ducts. Although there are other alternatives such as solar air conditioning or evaporative cooling that are more ecological options.

In this post, we show you the advantages of each system and its features. Because although the function of each one is basically the same: "cooling or air conditioning a space", they are very different from each other.

1. Split air conditioning

This type of air conditioning is without a doubt, one of the most sold and bought today. It is a fairly basic system but offers great advantages depending on the type of housing. This type of air conditioner works with an external unit (compressor) and an internal unit per room.

It is easier to install and widely used in small houses or apartments where it is not necessary to install many internal units. Each internal unit will be installed with an external unit and will offer us the possibility of having units with less BTU or power, taking into consideration the size of the room or room.

2. Multisplit Air Conditioning

The type of Multisplit air conditioning is also very common, since the advantages are numerous depending on the needs of each person. The Multisplit air conditioning system is nothing more than a Split system in each room up to a maximum of 8 indoor units, but in this case connected to a single outdoor unit. It is undoubtedly one of the preferred systems to install in houses with more than three rooms, where it is necessary to have an air conditioner in each room.

3. Duct air conditioning

Like the previous systems, this type of air conditioning has many advantages. However, its installation is carried out, in most cases, in newly constructed houses because they require a pre-installation and are difficult to install after a house has been built. This type of system works, as its name says, through ducts. They have an external unit (compressor) and the hot or cold air is distributed throughout the house and the rooms through ducts.

In each room there is a grill installed where the conditioned air comes out. It is a good system for homes in which constant air conditioning is necessary and which has a large number of rooms. To be able to have this type of air conditioning at home, it is necessary to install a false ceiling.

Advantages of Split, Multi split and duct air conditioning


Multi split

Duct AC

Ideal for small houses that do not have more than 3 rooms.
Ideal for homes with more than three rooms.
Ideal for newly built homes.
They are the most economical systems on the market
The installation is quite simple and very similar to the Split, but if you have several internal units, all must be installed to an outdoor unit.

By not having to install interior units, but only one grid in each room, it gives a lot of decorative value to the house.
They are easy to install.
They are usually very powerful equipment and frigories.
High power equipment and work with an outdoor unit.
It does not require a lot of space. This makes them very attractive.
Space-saving, since all the internal units are connected to an outdoor unit.
Ideal for homes with many rooms and where there is a lot of movement.
It does not require much labor; it is only necessary to make a small hole in the wall to install it to the external unit.
Each indoor unit can be used completely independently of the others.
It is a system in which works must be carried out, but the installation of the same in the house will be for a long time.

There are high-powered appliances, and if you have a small apartment, possibly a single computer can heat the home to a large extent.
You can vary the internal units depending on the room or rooms, and if you have smaller rooms, you can install an internal unit of less power.
The grilles in each room can be closed, and in this way, only those that are pleasing or where they are needed most will be heated.
In case of having more than one Split device at home, they work independently so if the external unit is spoiled it will not affect at all the other equipment that we have installed at home.
With the installation of the external unit, it is possible to have up to 8 internal units.
The installation of this type of system gives a great extra value to the house.
They are very silent.
It does not require a lot of manpower.
This type of air conditioning requires a more complex installation.
They are pretty light units.
There are devices in the market that save a lot of energy, which will represent an extra saving.
You can get different types of air conditioners cheaper or more expensive depending on the power.

And their disadvantages?

Although these three types of air conditioning have many advantages, we must also take into account some aspects that can cause us some disadvantages; for example, an incorrect installation of the system itself. For this same reason, it is advisable that before installing any of the systems, you are advised by a specialist in air conditioners such as Comfy Climate.

1. Split air conditioning

  • They are usually systems designed for small houses, since for each indoor unit an outdoor unit is needed.
  • They have less power than a ducted air conditioning system.
  • Being made with fixed appliances, you have to know where to place them exactly since moving them later will be complicated.

2. Multi split Air Conditioning

  • One of the main disadvantages of this system is that, having more than one equipment installed inside the house, the external unit will be damaged and will affect all the indoor units.
  • It requires a greater installation compared to the Split air conditioning system.
  • Being formed by fixed appliances in each room, you have to know where to put them exactly because moving them later will be complicated.
  • They are usually more expensive than Split air conditioning systems.
  • They require more maintenance since the outdoor unit must provide cold or heat to a maximum of 8 internal units.
  • It is much more visible than a ducted air conditioning system.

3. Duct air conditioning

  • It requires a much larger installation compared to Split or Multi split systems, since to install this system it is necessary to do it through conduits, so a false ceiling in the house is needed.
  • It is not ideal for homes that are not very tall.
  • If you want to install this type of system in an old house, you will need to carry out works.
  • It is a much more expensive system than the Multi split air conditioner types or the Split air conditioner types.
  • They are systems mainly designed for new housing.
  • They have a higher energy consumption, since the outdoor unit (compressor) must supply air-conditioned to the whole house without being able to be programmable.
  • In case of not having automatic grilles, all rooms will be air-conditioned and, depending on the power and size of the room, it may be cold.
  • It is necessary a more regular maintenance than in the aforementioned systems, since we must verify that the ducts do not have much dirt or dust accumulation.

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