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Maintaining a Split Air Conditioner


Do you know how to maintain your Split air conditioner or why is it important? Proper usage and maintenance of your split air conditioner, allow it not only to have a longer life but ensure its efficiency and effectiveness. For this, it is important that you take into account a series of aspects that are indispensable. The most important of these aspects is most certainly, maintenance.

Split air conditioning maintenance

We all know that as with many other things in our lives if good maintenance of the split air conditioner is not done, its useful life will get drastically reduced. And in the case of split air conditioning, it isn’t much different. The split AC requires a lot of attention after installation. To be able to ensure proper maintenance, we don't have to do anything extraordinary, nor do we have to be experts or have specific knowledge. It is something easy to do as long as we do not talk about an industrial air conditioner.

Achieving good air conditioning operation is, in principle, quite simple. In the air conditioning process, the refrigerant gas constantly changes from a liquid state to a gaseous state. And it is what makes the room cool or warm. Therefore, it is important that the refrigerant gas reaches the determined temperatures without there being many variations in them.

How to perform proper maintenance of the Split system?

Taking into account the above information, we can deduce that for our split air conditioning unit to have proper functionality and not face breakdowns or temperature variations, it is very important to have the heat exchangers clean, and this is part of the good maintenance practices of a split system.

But what are heat exchangers? These are also called "radiators" and have quite thin sheets that can be seen in the indoor unit at the time of removing the filters.

Next, we are going to explain to you which parts of the split air conditioner are the ones that normally have to be checked.

The filters and their cleaning

One of the most important things is the cleaning of the filters of the indoor unit for the proper functioning of the split air conditioner. We must not forget that the outdoor unit has no filters, and for that reason, it is important to pay attention to the indoor unit.

Cleaning of the filter does not mean that the whole process is finished. In order to perform proper maintenance of the split air conditioners, it is not enough to only clean the filter, but we must also disinfect it.

Although the disinfection is carried out by very few people, it is something that we must take into account, since air conditioners turn out to be a source rich in bacteria. For this reason, if the air conditioner smells bad, we should understand what the problem is. The easiest way to maintain split air conditioning or clean the filters is to clean it with a compressed air compressor. But not all of us have a compressed air compressor, and we must resort to the option of cleaning it with a brush.

We must bear in mind that, for no reason, we should use something sharp because we could end up puncturing the exchanger and repairing it tends to be very expensive. In the event that we end up puncturing it, we also run the risk of leaking the refrigerant, and we will have no choice but to call a technician and seek professional help.

Disinfect the evaporator

The issue of bacteria is not a game, and that is why we must disinfect the internal exchanger. But how? For this, we need a water sprayer, in which we will mix bleach (10% will suffice) and water. Next, we will spray the entire exchanger with the mixture we have prepared. This way, we can disinfect the evaporator of the split air conditioner without much effort.

In the case of applying a lot of water, we should not worry, since just below the exchanger is the drain pan. With this simple procedure and the previous one (filter cleaning), we can prevent the air conditioner from having a bad odor problem.

If we have followed the above-mentioned steps, we can be sure that we have already achieved quite effective air conditioning maintenance. When talking about the proper functioning of a split air conditioner, we talk about a system that does not lack gas, since the circuit is closed and airtight. In the event that there is a shortage of gas, it is because there is a leak in the device. A gas leak is a difficult matter to find, not only for a person without much knowledge but also for a technician.

How often should we perform maintenance?

What we want is for our air conditioning to last a long time and have a fairly long lifespan. For this, we should at least have an HVAC technician perform a maintenance activity at least once a year.

We have prepared a list of possible problems that the split air conditioner can have if it is not properly maintained:

  • Water leakage from the front of the indoor unit.
  • Water leakage through the cold water outlet.
  • It cools but does not do it with all the necessary power, but little by little.
  • It usually works normally, but there is no air coming out of the turbine.
  • The compressor does not start, and the air conditioner does not cool.
  • Its remote control is damaged.
  • The fan motor breaks down, and you have to change some of its mechanical parts.

If you get any of these problems, it may be because you did not do any maintenance on the device, ignored it for a long time or you simply did it in an improper way. In these cases, it is highly likely that your split AC faces some kind of breakdown. For this, you must seek the help of an HVAC professional who can fix the problem without much difficulty.

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