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The Importance Of Air Conditioning Maintenance

The air conditioning system is one of the most important parts of a home. It helps us beat the heat of the summer season without much hassle. But a lot of us tend to ignore its maintenance needs. Air conditioning repair and maintenance is a very important activity that should be carried out at least twice a year. If that’s difficult, once a year is the minimum limit to ensure the air conditioning unit keeps on performing to its optimal capacity.

The importance of this air conditioning maintenance is based on the following points:

Increase the life of the Air Conditioners

You can extend the life of your air conditioner and prevent breakdowns with proper maintenance. Normally, the useful life of an air conditioner is estimated between seven and ten years. Preventive maintenance is based on an exhaustive review of all parts of the air conditioning system, which includes cleaning, checking parts, filters, etc.

Reduce expenses

An increased utility expense is the first thing that occurs with the regular use of an air conditioner. Performing air conditioning maintenance is synonymous with savings since a malfunctioning air unit can multiply by five or six times the normal consumption of electricity.

Avoid health problems

In addition to expenses, air conditioning can cause serious harm to the health of the people living in your home. Among the main problems that an unmaintained system can cause include, bronchitis, rhinitis, and pharyngitis. Since exposure to the air circulating in the room is made through the filters, the chances of falling victim to these deadly diseases. Unclean filters serve as a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria that tend to become the source of countless respiratory diseases.

Goodbye to bad smells and irritating noises

Improper maintenance causes the air conditioning system to give rise to unpleasant odors, particularly during seasonal changes.

Appropriate air conditioning maintenance and repairs make way for a hygienic environment, without bad odors, bacteria, noises, sounds, and vibrations. This not only helps in preventing any health issue but is also a great alternative to save money in the long run as maintenance is always cheaper than replacement.

Basic rules to ensure the air conditioner is used properly

There are three basic pillars for the proper use of air conditioning equipment: inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. Among the main tasks to perform are the following:

Cleaning the filter

The air conditioning system requires thorough cleaning of the indoor unit of the equipment, at least once a year. The air conditioning system is equipped with a filter that serves to improve the quality of the air inside the room in which the air conditioner is installed. This is a very important task because not doing it regularly can give rise to serious health problems that can turn out to be very dangerous.

To carry out air filter cleaning, it is important to have the help of air conditioning maintenance experts. These experts can reach the most inaccessible places in your home and ensure the air conditioning unit is thoroughly cleaned. When you notice any deficiency in the air conditioning equipment, such as noise, bad odors or a drop in the power output, will be the filters of the first split to review by the technician.

Cleaning the outdoor unit battery

The battery is one of the parts of an AC where dirt can accumulate the most. To clean it, air conditioner maintenance experts mostly use a brush or a vacuum or pressure cleaner to remove all bacteria that may adhere to the battery. Pollution is one of the main factors that affect the battery of the outdoor unit (in the case of air equipment located in large cities). The location where the battery is installed will determine the frequency of the cleaning. For instance, if it is situated on a balcony, it would take more effort for the air conditioning maintenance team. Hence, the number of cleaning times would reduce.

Reviewing the level of refrigerant gas

Air conditioning equipment loses refrigerant gas over time. Therefore, reviewing the refrigerant gas level should not only be done for fear of leaks, but it should also be done as a basic maintenance activity of the appliance. It is highly unlikely you can review the refrigerant levels on your own as it requires different kinds of specialized tools and equipment. These tools facilitate measurement. To carry out these checks and calibrate the gas level, it is recommended you contact an HVAC maintenance service.

Maintenance when the air conditioner is not being used

The air conditioning system, especially in homes, goes out of use during the winter season. This means the air conditioner is not used for months, which is not recommended at all. During the times when you are not using the air conditioner, it is advisable to make a general cleaning of all the parts to ensure it functions properly when you decide to use it during the summers. It is also advisable to cover the outdoor unit so that the elements of the weather such as rain and snow do not damage it.

There also are other things that you can do. These include lubrication and inspection of the parts that require it, the cleaning of ducts and diffusers, change of reheated lines, the supply of gas, etc. All these processes will depend on the wear and type of air conditioning system.

Comfy Climate provides the best HVAC repairs and maintenance services at the most affordable rates. Contact our experts a month before the start of each season to ensure the proper functioning of your air conditioning system.

The importance of maintenance and tuning of air conditioning equipment is a vital issue for the health of people, which can also serve to avoid extra energy consumption and contribute to savings. So, if you are trying to save money by not opting for routine maintenance of the system, our experts advise highly against it. Do not put your health and the health of those you love at risk because of this small expenditure. We might not realize the importance of it now, but once a loved one falls ill due to it, the regret is immense. Therefore, contact Comfy Climate today and invest in the health of your family!

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