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How to maintain a duct air conditioning system


If we have a ducted air conditioning system at home, it is necessary that we maintain it properly for efficiency and effectiveness. We must take into account that while the maintenance of a ducted air conditioning system can be done on our own, it is always a smart choice to call an HVAC maintenance service. In case you decide to do it on your own, there are aspects that should be taken into account. In this article, we explain to you all the steps to maintain a duct air conditioning system.

Why is the maintenance of ducted air conditioning important?

The reasons for ducted air conditioning systems are very simple - with proper maintenance, we can extend the life of the equipment and at the same time save on energy.

With the arrival of summer, the air conditioners become, without a doubt, essential appliance for the well-being of the people around us. Let’s make something very clear: maintenance activities should not be performed during the months in which we use AC’s the most. It has to be done throughout the year since the best treatment in most cases is simply prevention.

Why is it important to clean the air conditioning filters?

Duct air conditioning filters are responsible for capturing dust or dirt from the air. With the passage of time, by not performing a periodic maintenance job, its filters could become clogged and lead to the following consequences:

  • Bad smell and poor air quality that we get through the air conditioning system.
  • Poor heating or air conditioning.
  • Possible compressor breakage, as it can overheat, and this can affect the system completely.

Where are the filters?

In-duct air conditioners, filters are located on the back of the indoor unit. In general, the indoor unit of the ducted air conditioning system is usually located on the bathroom's false ceiling and towards the door. But we must emphasize that due to different characteristics of the house, they could also be found somewhere else since it does not necessarily have to be installed in the bathroom.

So, we must disassemble the plaster part of the false ceiling and go to the opposite part of the unit, which is where we will find the famous air filter of our ducted air conditioning system.

Attention! We should know that nylon filters are not washable. If our ducted air conditioning equipment has these types of filters, they must be replaced by new ones, in no case can we wash them as it would affect the operation of the system.

How to remove the filters?

First, we will have to locate two nylon bands that hang from the filters and then pull them, outwards. The filter must be pulled down in order to remove it completely from the unit.

How to clean the filters?

Although many people believe that this is a difficult task, we must mention that cleaning the duct air conditioning filters is quite simple. On many occasions, it is enough to simply vacuum only, but if we observe that they are not completely clean, we can wash them with water, and we can use a detergent. Once they have been cleaned, we must let them dry. We have to leave them in the shade because in this way we can avoid the smallest deterioration of the filters.

How to replace the filters?

The filters must be adjusted to the top, two tabs are in the machine, and we must place it there. Do not forget that the nylon tapes must be left out since, at the time of the next cleaning; we must pull them again to be able to remove them.

Cleaning of air conditioning ducts

Duct cleaning is not a simple task and should not be done by anyone, but rather by specialized companies or specialists in ducted air conditioning. The ducts should not be cleaned as often. However, it is advisable to do so at least once a year since it will guarantee us an air free of bacteria and of optimum quality, which will not put our health at stake.

Why should the air conditioning ducts be cleaned?

  • For greater environmental comfort.
  • For reduction of work absenteeism.
  • For the convenience of customers and employees.
  • To extend the duration of the equipment.
  • To increase system performance.
  • For the certificate of indoor air quality.
  • For energy cost savings.
  • To increase hygiene and thereby prevent the growth of aerobes and fungi.
  • For compliance with current regulations.

We remind you that the maintenance of air conditioning ducts is not only the cleaning of the ducts themselves. There are also other points that we must take into account and thus avoid possible breakdowns.

How are the ducts cleaned?

HVAC maintenance services use the equipment, machinery, and materials that comply with current regulations stipulated by the government of the corresponding department or locality, and thus does not represent in any way any danger to the person doing the cleaning, to the owner of housing or third parties.

The cleaning works carried out inside the ducts are the following:

  • Internal duct cleaning
  • Decontamination
  • Placement of air supply diffusers
  • Removal of any type of dust particles or any other residue
  • Conduct cleaning records in ducts if necessary
  • In addition, control of:
  • Air conditioners
  • Antibacteriological protection
  • Cleaning
  • Disinfecting them
  • Cleaning the grilles

It is recommended to clean the air inlet and outlet grilles regularly. This task is quite simple; you simply have to disassemble them, remove the dust, and then submerge them in a bucket with water and a soap that is neutral. Before immersing them in the bucket, spray them with a spray containing a mixture of water and white vinegar.

When cleaning the entrances where the grilles are located, it is advisable to do it with a vacuum cleaner and, in this way, remove the lint and dust that are in it. Then it will be enough to pass a cloth with warm water and a little detergent. If we observe the presence of mold, we can remove it with a special vaporizer, let it dry and place the rack again.

Outdoor unit maintenance

The maintenance of this unit is essential since it will prevent the system from being clogged. Cleaning is a fairly simple task: first, we must pass a brush, we must do it with enough care to eliminate everything that can hinder the proper functioning of our air conditioning, and also prevent the repair of ducted air conditioning.

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