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Cleaning the air ducts of a house is a very important task, especially during the spring and summertime. This is especially important for those who suffer from allergies. Breathing the air contaminated by dirty ducts can have serious consequences on your health.

For this reason, it becomes important to perform regular cleaning of the air ducts of your home. With regular cleaning, you are able to eliminate the dust and other contaminants that are inside the heating and cooling vents. It is these two things that become the major cause of the air becoming hazardous and why duct cleaning becomes something that can’t be ignored.

Maintaining the air that circulates inside a clean, closed space is important for good respiratory health. Whenever you have the air ducts cleaned, make sure that the HVAC maintenance service’s professionals have thoroughly cleaned all the parts of the heating or the cooling system, or else the remains of dirt and dust could pollute all the air in the area.

How to know if it is the right time to clean the ducts?

We can give you some basic tips. Firstly, if the air ducts are expelling pieces of dust and dirt through the ventilation grills, it indicates that it’s time to do some cleaning. Also, in case you find moisture in the ducts, you should have it cleaned as it could be toxic and cause diseases.

Let us put this straight - it is important not to allow mice and other smaller animals such as pests to make their nests in the air ducts of your home because they can severely damage your duct’s condition.

There are several benefits of cleaned air ducts. When dust and other waste is removed from the air ducts, you are able to breathe fresh and pure air. Apart from all this, regular cleaning of the air ducts also extends the useful life of your ventilation system.

Avoid cleaning your air ducts too often – in fact, it is recommended to have them cleaned at least once every two or three years, especially if a member of the family has any allergies or asthma.

Improving the air inside your home by cleaning the air ducts is one of the essential things you must do for your health.

How to minimize ductwork?

The air ducts get dirty even if we are not at home because they filter air constantly while the air conditioners are in operation. The only thing we can do to minimize the risks of this situation is to guarantee proper and frequent cleaning - that’s exactly what we, at Comfy Climate offer. Contact us now to get the best duct cleaning services.

Following are some of the tips for improving the efficiency of your ductwork:

  • Check if there is any leakage, seal it
  • Insulate the ducts properly
  • Try to keep the length of the duct segments shorter
  • There should be no bends left in your duct

Is it really harmful not to clean Ducts?

The house is the place where we spend most of our time with family and friends. We all understand that having a safe home is important for good physical and mental health. But now we have a greater understanding of how houses and their interior environments interact with human physiology.

The materials with which our houses are made, the objects and materials that we use in and around them, and the conditions in which we maintain the spaces where we live determine what we are exposed to.

The most common pollutants inside homes are:

  • Humidity
  • Mold and other microbes
  • Asbestos
  • Pests
  • Allergens
  • Dust particles
  • Emissions of building materials

A national survey conducted in the United States of America found that in more than half of the houses investigated (832), concentrations of at least 6 types of allergens were detected, including pollen, mold, animal dander, cockroaches, rodents and mites of the dust.

The best way to take care of our health is to take care of the interior environment of our houses and making sure that it is free of any polluting agents!

All the time we're unaware that our air ducts are dirty, we breathe in all the microorganisms that are lodged in the dirt of the ducts. They can travel in the air, and we will end up inhaling them.

These microorganisms are capable of causing respiratory infections, simple flu, or even constipation depending on our degree of exposure and the immune system of our body.

All this unnecessary exposure to respiratory diseases can be avoided with proper maintenance and sanitation of the air ducts. At Comfy Climate, we recommend you just the right frequency for cleaning your ducts.


What else?

Greater Durability

A simple process of keeping the air ducts clean protects the air-conditioning equipment, helps reduce their consumption, and increases their life.

When the air ducts get dirty, it takes double the effort and power to cool the air of the room. The cleaning of the air ducts doubles the efficiency of the air conditioning system to carry out its cooling process.

Keeping the air ducts clean means saving your money, either by saving on our electricity bills or by avoiding having to buy new air conditioners.

How much time does it take?

It depends on how big is your house, the length of your ducts, and the load of work. You will have an idea right after when you will get your ducts cleaned for the first time.

Best HVAC services are here with Comfy Climate

Installation of any kind of air conditioner is no more a problem; just give Comfy Climate a call. We will take care of installation, repair, and maintenance of your air conditioners. We have built our reputation by gaining years of experience. We are one of the finest HVAC services in the city. To learn more, contact us on the phone or drop an email. We’d love to hear from you.

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