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Air Purifiers – Everything You Need to Know

Air Purifiers – Everything You Need to Know

If you are a person suffering from respiratory problems, usually caused by allergies and asthma, the product you need to put into your life is called an air purifier.

This product, as we will explain throughout this article will help you to control and reduce the effects of your respiratory problems, as it is responsible for improving and, as the name suggests, purifying the air quality in your home.

In this post, we intend to explain to you what real benefits it has, what it is made of, and how these devices work.

What is an air purifier?

It is an electronic device that purifies the air by removing malicious particles (dust, hair, pollen, bacteria, germs, etc.) that can affect the health of the lungs and other organs that make up the respiratory system.

A whole house air purifier is shaped like a box and can be purchased for both domestic and industrial use.

They have been available in the market for more than a decade now but have gained popularity just recently. Air purifiers were first used in extremely large industrial units and installed in hospitals,  operating through ventilation networks to filter the air and purify it of highly contagious bacteria and germs.

Benefits of air purification

All the benefits offered by these devices are certified by clinical centers and also have the support of many families who have them installed at their homes. They have found that they significantly improve your quality of life. Its main benefits include:

- Highly promotes the elimination of germs, preventing the transmission and spread of diseases via air.

- It significantly improves the reduction of dust, improving the ability to breathe without problems. Very beneficial for people suffering from asthma and those who tend to suffer from allergies.

- It is beneficial even if you are a completely healthy person since it reduces by 99% the chances of having lung infections, the "sick building syndrome" and respiratory diseases.

- Allows a cleaner environment, improving the feeling of fresh air, and eliminating bad odors.

What is an air purifier for?

Many people do not know the function of air purifiers, and for this reason, they criticize if there really is a need to use these devices. We want to highlight their main functionality and break the myth that air purifiers are not "expensive fans."

Its main use is to improve the quality of the air, helping to create a better atmosphere in the room.

The users after a time of use, realize that their migraines have reduced, their allergies have disappeared, and the smells in their rooms have dissipated; in conclusion, they have a much more pleasant and healthy environment inside their homes.

Industrial air purifiers promote a cleaner environment in busy spaces such as airports, hospitals, and shopping centers. They help prevent many significant diseases, such as pulmonary fibrosis.

Another interesting point that makes purifiers an important add-on is that they manage to filter all types of unwanted particles that are released when we carry-out daily cleaning activities. An example would be when we shake the sofa cushions, and we release particles such as dust, mites, and hairs that can affect our health. The air purifier takes care of all these problems.

In short, we will have a better quality of life in our home. For example, you can place it in the room where you play or rest with your pet. The purifier will ensure that all the hair of the animal is trapped in the filter, preventing any allergies that may be caused.

How does an air purifier work?

These electrical appliances have a pretty simple mechanism if you pay attention. They are equipped with a fan which, when activated, creates an air inlet that passes through the filters, and the air comes out completely clean. They have several filter sheets included, and each works independently of the other.

Within the air purifiers, a process to filter the impurities is divided into 4 stages.

    • First, it goes through an electrostatic filter.

It works to trap harmful particles in the air through an ionization mechanism. This filter traps mostly dust particles, hairs, and larger particles.

    • G4 filter

It works by means of fine meshes that allows to catch fine dust, mites, pollen, and smoke. It also improves the performance of the following filters as it removes medium-sized particles.

    • Activated carbon filter.

Activated carbon is a porous material that traps small biological particles. It consists of a chemical process in which the filter converts the gaseous particles into solids and retains them. Mostly it manages to dissipate the odors and biological particles present in the air.

    • Efficient HEPA filter

Efficiently cleans the air with an ultra-fine filter called HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air). It works by trapping bacteria and germs, and it also reduces the secretion of mold in the environment and prevents skin infections. It achieves to purify the air through a micro-delegated mesh composed of fiberglass strands placed in sequence with a diameter of 2.0 μm. The particles, viruses, and bacteria are trapped in 3 different ways:

1. They collide with the mesh

2. They are trapped in the mesh

3. They collide with other gas particles previously trapped. All air purifiers must contain a joint guarantee certificate to a guarantee letter from a medical entity to verify its proper functioning.

Air purifiers are useful, and they are a good investment for your health. Reliable internet sources reflect that this product has a good reputation for long-term effectiveness.

These portable units are the pocket version of the purifying titans found in hospitals, and it is clinically proven that their domestic version is as effective as its industrial version. They drastically reduce the chances of catching diseases through the air and remove unwanted odors in the environment.

If you are interested in installing air purifiers in your home or need maintenance done, don’t think twice and contact Comfy Climate today!

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