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Air Conditioning Repair

We specialize in providing fast dependable AC repair service to Port St. Lucie and surrounding areas. If your AC  is not working, call us today and we will do our best to work you into our schedule. If you air conditioning is fine but you haven't had it cleaned and checked for a year, don’t want to wait until that first heat wave to find out your air conditioner isn’t working. Regular maintenance is needed to guarantee you you will have cool air in your home. If too many home owners in your area wait too long to find out their A/C units need repaired, you may be looking at multiple hot days waiting for a service appointment to open up.Check your unit before the heat of summer arrives to make sure you spend the whole summer season cool and comfortable.


Common A/C Problems

One of the most common A/C problems is a mechanical malfunction. Malfunction could be due to poor installation, poor service procedures, dirt or lack of maintenance. Improper installation of an A/C unit could also result in low airflow or air leaking through the ducts. 

Keep the doors closed as much as possible. When your A/C is running, your windows and doors need to be closed to help the air conditioning unit function most efficiently. If you’re only trying to cool a single room, go ahead and keep the door to that room closed to keep the cold air from escaping.

The technician should charge the refrigerant properly during the installation and any maintenance of the A/C unit. If this isn't done, the efficiency of the A/C unit can be down graded. Older units may develop some refrigerant leaks. When the coolant levels drop too low, the air conditioner can stop working or the coil can freeze. A dirty air filter or obstructions in the return air vents can also cause a frozen coil

Another common problem some people see with air conditioning units is electric control failure. This can happen when the compressors and the fan controls wear out. One thing that can cause this is if the A/C unit is turned on and off too often. Finally, faulty wiring can also keep the heating and cooling system from getting enough power and could even be a fire hazard

In addition to the fan that blows cold air into the home, air conditioners have an outside fan to blow the heat out.  If the fan stops working, the compressor can get overheated.  If the safety overload system is functioning properly, it should turn the unit off.  If it's not working, the compressor can continue to overheat until it becomes permanently damaged.

Finally, single-room air conditioning units or mini-split systems have their own thermostat. If the temperature sensor is not set right, it has to be adjusted. Otherwise nothing will work like you expect. If you still have problems after adjusting your thermostat, promptly call an A/C service company. You don't want to wait too long.

Any of these issues can be checked by a certified technician. A qualified A/C specialist can check for low or leaking refrigerant or corroding wires and terminals. Professionals service people will also give you suggestions on how to properly maintain your air conditioner.


When to Call for AC Service

When your air conditioning unit starts to show any signs of not working up to par, do not try to repair it yourself. This is not a do it yourself project. Working on a unit without the needed expertise can definitely make the problem worse. The best move is to call for an A/C repair service company. When you call a licensed pro, you can expect a technician who is trained to know what they are doing and handle any heating or cooling problem. They can identify the issue with your air conditioning unit, make the correct repair. Electrical issues, poor working sensors, or refrigerant leaks can all easily be repaired by a certified technician who will make sure your entire unit is working properly before they leave your home. Then, they can give you tips on what you can do to keep it clean and help it operate at maximum efficiency.

Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

Air conditioning repair service and A/C installation are critical for Florida residents. A broken air conditioning unit is as bad as having no A/C at all. We understand that no one wants to sweat through the summer and everyone wants fast dependable service.

You can expect properly trained air conditioning repair service technicians. Remember, trying to repairing your A/C unit by yourself can be dangerous and can result in accidents. Therefore, it is important not to try and fix your A/C unit yourself. Trained technicians will identify the problem with your A/C unit and suggest solutions. Do not wait. All you have to do is call. The sooner you call, the sooner you and your family will get to enjoy cool air temperatures in your home.

If a unit is beyond repair. we will recommend installing a new air conditioning unit. When it comes to air conditioners, bigger is not always better. Buying the right size unit as recommended by a professionals will give you with the most effective and cost efficient solution for your home. You can expect competitive prices on new installations, with financing available.

Choose from different types of air conditioning units, ranging from central air, mini-split systems or even units for commercial properties. Options should be presented so you can choose which model is best for your home and budget. Qualified technicians will examine your home and suggest the most suitable air conditioning unit for the space. 


Air Conditioner Replacement

If you have an old air conditioning unit that you need replaced, we can help! After the coming to your home to discuss the best model for replacement, you choose what you want and the install gets done. Instead of going to the trouble to uninstall your old unit yourself and then drive it to a dumpster, we can make sure that your old air conditioner will be properly uninstalled, as well as taken away for recycling. This way, you will get a new A/C unit for a competitive price along with the needed professional installation. If the old one can be recycled and your new unit operates at better efficiency, you will be saving the environment at the same time.


Call Now For A/C Repair or a Free Estimate on a New Air Conditioner

If you want to spend a comfortable summer in your home, do not hesitate to call us 24 hours a day. If we don't answer immediately, leave a message and we will do our best to call you right back. We understand you want fast service. We should be able to repair your AC unit for a reasonable price or give you an estimate on how much a new AC unit would cost. Qualified technicians are available to deliver amazing service. Call now!

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